Your marriage is enriched when you live out your relationship with biblical principles. We study God's design for marriage, growth and how to stay committed through difficult times. All married and engaged couples are welcome.


We regularly go out as couples to have fun and grow together. We also have life groups focused on strengthening marriages.

What is a healthy marriage?

A marriage founded on God and biblical principles! Pastors Diego and Claudia are marriage and pre-marriage consultants for Prepare-Enrich that focuses on building strong marriages. Some of the areas they can help you grow in are:
– How to have productive conversations.
– Discover areas that can become a problem before it becomes a problem.
– How to identify and build your marriage on it’s strengths.
– How to solve current problems and avoid problems in the future.

If you are interested in talking with pastors Diego and Claudia about your marriage and how to enrich it, call us at 719-822-1350 or send us a message.

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